В рубрике “самый лучший совет на свете” канала CNN Мохамед ЭльЭриан, СЕО Пимко, высказал пожалуй самую интересную для меня мысль:

Reading widely is particularly important right now. Most of the market research these days asks the same question: Is this the market bottom? To answer that question, they look at historical valuations and try to extrapolate from them. And most of the time that is the correct approach. However, right now we are going through major and unpredictable changes in the financial landscape. As a result, “Is this the bottom?” is the wrong question. But you have to read other people like [New York University economics professor Nouriel] Roubini, like [The Black Swan author] Nassim Taleb, and some of the behavioral-finance guys to understand why the question is wrong. The question we should be asking is, In this new world how do the historical variables morph, and what are the unintended consequences of government policy? There’s a tendency for everyone to operate in a comfort zone and to want to read what is familiar to them. But if you are just used to following one person or one news paper, you will miss these big shifts.  (перевод сделаю чуть позже)